Huellaciclistademadrid (Madridcyclisttrack) is an initiative of TRANSBICI project, which main objetives are:

  • To draw the cyclist route map of those who often use the bicycle as a transport mode in the city of Madrid
  • To find out which are the streets with highest levels of real cyclist flow, which are more cycable and why.
  • To share our routes, tracks, data, statistics and know about other’s.
  • To analyse the track and get to know which infrastructures are demanded and will be more efficient for the real and the potentential cyclist flow.


  • Because the project believes in a bottom-up planning that takes into account real cyclist data and ideas in order to define the optimal cyclist network. This is the reason why the results of the projecto will be delivered to Madrid City Council.

//// TRANSBICI PROJECT ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

TRANSBICI is a three-year research project financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science National Plan I+D+i. By analysing travel behaviour, the project will model the real and potential use of bicycles in urban areas.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To identify and measure factors influencing cycling mode choice, including cultural, social, spatial, urban, economic, and  subjective aspects;
  2. To develop a new model for travel demand analysis, adapted to include cycling trips in urban areas with low cycling use, in order to implement effective strategies to increase cycling modal share.
  3. To develop a GIS model of optimal bikeways networks design and a GIS model of optimal location for bike-sharing stations.

Contact: huellaciclistademadrid@gmail.com